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How workers compensation works - viprit - 03-13-2019

Obviously, it's possible for an employee to be injured while at work. Depending on the industry, some are more dangerous than others. In all cases the employer has a duty to provide a certain level of safety, and also have insurance covering the worker. This is partly just due to common sense, and partly a policy decision because workers are an essential part of the economy. So the insurance might be partly funded by the employer (say for injuries that are their fault), and partly funded by the government (for injuries that are really nobody's fault).

RE: How workers compensation works - 1171 - 03-13-2019

The duty does not arise out of common sense: a couple thousand years had to happen before work comp laws occurred. Fault is not a factor in workers comp. you are going to have every claim go to court to determine fault? What happens to the worker while waiting years for a decision....
Talk to your state representatives about changing the law.
Generally the state funds all the administrative and adjudication functions.

If you want some historical background on the rise wok comp systems; the why and how they work, I can provide links or answer questions.