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Advice Anyone?Maryland WC - Greybeard11 - 03-02-2019

Currently disabled due to back injury at work. Attorney advises me to attempt light duty due to doctors initial reports of no light duty available,Insurance adjuster tells him light duty has been available and I am telli g the doctor theres not.I am in physical therapy 3 times a week 2hrs a day,Its grueling but affective.
I let the doctor know the situation and that I want to TRY light duty for the 2 days i have away from therapy, even though its going to be hard i want to show good faith, (3 week periods in between doctor re evaluations,)he gives me the restriction, My employer refuses to accomodate the restriction ,and the insurance threatens to stop Payments and file issues with the commision.My attorney isnt confident that we can win in court,How can I fix this,I wasnt informed there was light duty even available by my employer, but my condition still wasnt good enough for me to go back.
My doctor doesnt want me to overdo it and I agree but insurance is basically forcing me to work full time and still find the time and energy for my therapy!

RE: Advice Anyone?Maryland WC - 1171 - 03-02-2019

sounds like there is some miscommunication and you are caught in the middle.
your atty should have a strategy for dealing with it although judges can be unpredictable and no case/evidence is "air tight".
maybe your doc can talk to your employer and get the details of what is available and what you can't do-- even if it means reduced hours. if they can talk, and the doc writes up a report it might help.
talk to your lawyer and try to set up a phone call.
it's all about the quality of the evidence.

RE: Advice Anyone?Maryland WC - 1171 - 03-03-2019

Glad I could help. Thankx for posting.