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Medical Buyout - Hank and Penny - 02-08-2019

Good day all.

I had my ACL torn at work and it was replaced. I received a 6% rating once all was said and done with lifetime future medical. I have since got another job and am no longer with the company. The WC insurance is going to submit a buy out of the future medical to the company and once they approve it, send it to me. I have not needed an attorney through this process thus far and really don't want to get one. I also would like to know what is fair, but cannot find anything on the websites for WC so as to get an idea. The doctor has me in therapy exercising and said I'll need a total knee replacement within 10 years due to the injury. Anyone out there had anything similar that can give me an idea? Oh, I am in California.

RE: Medical Buyout - 1171 - 02-08-2019

One component of estimating future medical costs is to review what’s been paid to date.
Ask for a copy of their medical payment record. That will give you some idea of prices.
Next estimate the services you will likely need if you don,t settle e.g your maintenance treatment —that along with the prices will give you an idea of what the carrier expects to pay for the future medical award.
Since you are getting it now in a lump sum rather then over time that amount should be discounted.
Ask your doc or the billing clerk about the cost for the surgery.
The medical fee schedule used for comp treatment is here
Of course the only way to be sure of a fair amount is to keep the med open but there are often disputes that may make that option impractical.

RE: Medical Buyout - 1171 - 02-11-2019

Happy that info was helpful.