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Lawsuit loans - tinainky - 12-08-2018

Has anyone ever taken a lawsuit loan out, to help with the bills that seem to keep getting further behind? I am close to losing my house or may have to put it up for sale soon. I know the cost is tremendous. Which company may be the best to help me. The cheapest?

RE: Lawsuit loans - 1171 - 12-08-2018

many states do not allow them to sell to their citizens. also many companies do not accept workers compensation litigation in their program.
before going that route, I would recommend reviewing information from Housing & Urban Development on avoiding foreclosure.
Or, if necessary for other debts, contacting a licensed credit counseling firm first to see what they can arrange.
those on disability have more options to restructure their payments then others.

“Foreclosure prevention counseling services are provided free of charge by nonprofit housing counseling agencies working in partnership with the Federal Government. These agencies are funded, in part, by HUD and NeighborWorks® America. There is no need to pay a private company for these services.“

RE: Lawsuit loans - 1171 - 12-10-2018

Glad that was helpful.

RE: Lawsuit loans - tinainky - 02-09-2019

Thank you. just now looking back at this where i had posted ... Thanks again 1171.

RE: Lawsuit loans - Lewis-H - 07-24-2020

A lawsuit loan is a cash advance against a future lawsuit judgment or settlement award. If you're in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit and need money, you might be able to get a lawsuit loan—an advance against any future lawsuit settlement or award amount. ... lawsuit funding, and. settlement funding.