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CRPS left foot/ankle - Sarcher - 11-23-2018

Hi everyone!
Live in Indiana, accident 4/23/2018. Foot was crushed at work, went to urgent care per work, received normal work comp treatment. Have now been in a boot for 7 months, was on light duty at work til the won’t accomidate anymore. Have had 1 tarsal metatarsal injection, 13 weeks of PT 3x a week, 2 lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks and refused the last injection due to the pain increasing after each shot instead of it getting better like the doctor said it would. Taking tramadol 6 times a day which takes a little edge off and cymbalta 60mg daily. Nothing is working, I go see the doctor in a few days to see what’s next and if I am at MMI? Anyone have any experience with this condition and workers comp? I have a great WC so far, no issues at all thankfully! Just need a little advice.
Thanks for whoever responds.

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - 1171 - 11-23-2018

Keep in regular contact with your employer and see if they can provide modified work now. When the time comes you might still have a chance at decent re-employment.

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - Sarcher - 12-15-2018

Hey everyone, just had my FCE last Thursday which was horrible to say the least. Did not realize they override doctors orders. I am still non weight bearing and in a boot and use a knee scooter and the instructor made me walk and put pressure on foot for almost 5 hrs during the test, also without pain medicine. I attempted everything he gave me. At the end he said I would have permanent foot/leg restrictions but that I could have done better. What?????
I go see my Doctor when th week for my rating, what happens next? I do not have an attorney, should I get one??

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - 1171 - 12-15-2018

depends on how you want to resolve your claim and what the report says.
yes if/when you need to resolve a dispute by the comp court.
any finalization will be reviewed and need court approval.

more info:

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - Sarcher - 12-18-2018

Doc put me at MMI today with permanent restrictions that are way crazy. What do I do next? I am still in a boot, using a knee scooter and am done??? This can’t be right!

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - 1171 - 12-18-2018

You are still entitled to wage loss and treatment.
If you want to dispute the doctors opinion that you are mmi, you’ll Need a medical opinion supporting your contention. If the discrepancy can’t be resolved between you, either party can ask the court to decide.

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - Sarcher - 12-20-2018

PPI is 3 with impairment of 7% lower extremities. What about the meds they had me on? Still in a boot and knee scooter!!! I do NOT understand!! Help

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - 1171 - 12-20-2018

“Wage loss”means disability payment while you are not being paid by your employer.
“Treatment” means medical services needed because of your injury.
You need to be more specific about what you don,t understand;
Just posting “I don,t understand” doesn’t help me answer you.

Have they stopped your checks?
Have they stopped your meds?
Did they take away your scooter?

Give me a clue as to what your problem is. Read more posts on this board; you’ll see that workers comp is a huge system with lots of complex parts.

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - Sarcher - 12-20-2018

He didn’t refill the meds, and don’t know about checks yet. What do I do??

RE: CRPS left foot/ankle - 1171 - 12-20-2018

You are not required to do anything unless you want something different.
You may need a Copy of the medical report. If so ask the doctor or carrier.

If you want meds to continue, you will need a doctors opinion that your condition requires it. You Can,t get drugs without a perscription.
It would have been easier if you had talked to your doctor about why they stopped them and what additional treatment theye were recommending. You can request a new doctor from the carrier.

Did you fill out and file the request for assistance from the link I posted?