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32 an hurt - Raphvell Hurt - 10-21-2018

Virginia......... Hello how are you I am mr. Hurt I've been hurt and been on work compensation since 2016 I received treatment from my first treating physician who couldn't find the injury that was causing the pain he then referred me to neuro spine doctor Who later diagnosed me with lumbar radiculopathy and my payment was reinstated after they diagnosed me with radiculopathy they then begin to treat me by giving me two sets of injections to the spine until I told them that I still having pain they sent me to have a myelogram test with contrast it was then that I had a complication due to the myelogram test I had to have an outpatient surgery to the spine. After explaining this to my doctor they stated that it was false accusation and that I could never had a complication due to the myelogram test since then they have released me with a 0 impairment rating that was not done by my treating physician what can I do can someone please help me on this issue second note there was an award to be entered but it was never entered or finalized because the injury that they had on the award papers was not the same injury that my treating physician had diagnosed me with used to sign where do I go now

RE: 32 an hurt - 1171 - 10-21-2018

Sounds like you have a complicated problem not only with your workers compensation benefits but also with the doctors and the commission.
You will need medical evidence from a competent doctor to refute the current opinion on your impairment and the cause as well as expert help to correct the award error.
These issues require more then just information from this site to resolve.
An attorney that specializes in workers compensation should be able to look at your case and decide if they can help.
Talk to a couple attorneys before deciding which one.
Here are some places to look✓&q=Workers+compensation&loc=Virginia
Local Virginia bar associations at the bottom of the page:

RE: 32 an hurt - IWLF - 10-25-2018

If you hired an attorney for your workers compensation case you should discuss it with them.
If you think this is an issue with your doctor you should be able to find another one.