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FL Overpayment Confusion - Murz - 09-17-2018

Hello, I'm in Florida. I was out for a brief time (2 weeks) about two months ago due to an injury. I just received a letter from my claim adjuster saying that I had been overpayed X amount and that it is my responsibility to reimburse them. I have been researching the laws in my state (FL) but am finding conflicting information. Would anyone be able to clear this up for me? Am I required to pay this amount back? For the record I am no longer receiving benefits of any kind.

Thank you!

RE: FL Overpayment Confusion - 1171 - 09-17-2018

No, not generally.
The losses will be reported to your employer and they may not be willing to write it off.

RE: FL Overpayment Confusion - Murz - 09-17-2018

So would you suggest I just pay it back? Strangely the amount they're saying I was overpayed is by my estimation double what they actually did overpay.

Better to fight them over the difference or just forget about it?

RE: FL Overpayment Confusion - 1171 - 09-17-2018

I don,t know what your relationship is with your employer but you might want to let them know a head of time. See what they want to do.