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Pd and ttd payments - Dasrock - 09-13-2018

Ok folks quick questions from California.
I have two work comp cases with two different start dates and two different areas of the body that we’re injured.

Can I collect Pd for case 1 and ttd for case 2 at the same time?

Can you collect Pd and state disability at the same time for same case?

Thanks for the help!

RE: Pd and ttd payments - 1171 - 09-13-2018

depends on the circumstances.
generally No; benefit wise you cannot be getting both at the same time. Receiving TTD is based on the whole persons ability to work, not to the function of a particular body part. there maybe recent caselaw so check with your atty.
You can receive PD advances while receiving TTD.
under certain circumstances SDI may pay.
SDI would be the best source for an exact description of their eligibility rules and any recent legal decisons.

RE: Pd and ttd payments - 1171 - 09-13-2018

like many situations caselaw depends on specific facts and there is no one anwer.