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Lifetime pension award plus medical treatment, overseas? - Carl1976 - 09-12-2018

My wife got a workers comp award for 150 k settlement plus lifetime pension I think about 200 week and medical treatment award, for her orthopedic, internal medicine and psyche symptoms she is retired, dementia is one of her diagnosis, and our family needs to move overseas. I am pretty sure I don’t have to ask permission to move my family as this is already a settled case. Anyone can please give me any clue on how this would work overseas?

RE: Lifetime pension award plus medical treatment, overseas? - 1171 - 09-12-2018

Where a claimant locates is not limited or addressed by most state compensation laws. It’s an administrative/logistics issue best worked out between payor and recipient which varies with every situation.

My general observations:

find an out-of-area physician that accepts the state’s treatment fees and will comply with reporting requirements or make other arrangements with the carrier.

Except for Arizona, Comp law has no specific requirements/rules for Leaving the state.

look at setting up a guardianship or other legal arrangement that would allow another person to act on her behalf on any future work comp decisions. This might be more easily done before she leaves the country. With this on file with the comp court and carrier, someone would be able to get and receive information on the status of her claim and make any necessary adjustments or changes as to benefit delivery, Should she ever be unable to do so herself.

Explore direct deposit which may make accessing funds easier when overseas.