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Workers Comp. running out in Calif. - C3d - 08-11-2018

I have been notified by my employers workers Comp carrier that my paid benefits will run out the 25th of this month. What are my options? Im over 65 and collecting my social security. Is there any Calif. State agency that this falls under?
I have a Workers Comp attorney that has not giving me answers for options. Doctors project that it will be another year until Im released from temporary disability. Where do I turn.

RE: Workers Comp. running out in Calif. - 1171 - 08-11-2018

i assume you hit the 104 TTD week limitation; Your medical treatment will continue to be paid.
You can request permanent disability advances.
You can seek work within your temporary restrictions and the earning limits of Social Security (unless you are referring to SSDI).
You can seek SDI benefits from EDD.
Barring the availability of those sources you can contact county social services for general relief.
your union, local churches and fraternal organizations also often provide emergency help to those in need. contact any lenders and advise them of your disability situation; most will work with you to structure future payments.

If my assumption is incorrect, you may have appeal rights.
Workers compensation laws are under the administration of the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers Compensation

RE: Workers Comp. running out in Calif. - punner08 - 08-19-2018

That's good to know.
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RE: Workers Comp. running out in Calif. - 1171 - 08-20-2018

Do you have a claim you need help with?