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The future - Dasrock - 07-20-2018

If you can never go back to work do you get additional money for losing your career and future earnings? In California
I have at least a good 10 years of workable time.
I understand you get WPI and PD but do you get anything else?

RE: The future - 1171 - 07-20-2018

you're expected to change jobs if necessary.
some states pay for loss of earnings, others pay for impairment, and others a combination; there is no one set of benefits for every american.
if you are in an impairment benefit state, most pay death benefits to dependents if the injury causes death as well as life time medical care.
all pay wage loss until max recovery. some pay retraining or vocational rehabilitation.
there is no one set of benefits for every one. most also pay penalties for delays. some states pay mileage for treatment.