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Overpayment Question - Amysue89 - 04-19-2018

I was on workers comp for a month and a half due to a sprained ankle. I received a letter in the mail that they overpayed me approx $1000. I then received a very rude phone call from a worker at the workers comp place telling me that I never should have cashed the check they sent me because that's what caused the overpayment. Sorry... ranting at this point. I live in California and am on a very strict income so I was wondering, do I have to pay the overpayment back? I've never been on workers comp before so I don't know the ins and outs.

RE: Overpayment Question - 1171 - 04-19-2018

No you are not required to make repayment.
However they can claim credit against any future disability benefits that might arise out of the injury.

RE: Overpayment Question - 1171 - 04-27-2018

Glad it helped.
Thankx for posting.