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NY comp question - redsoxfan - 03-31-2018

I had surgery for the permanent placement of a SCS on the 19th. On the 22nd I spiked a fever of 101 degrees so I called the on call doctor at my neurosurgery department. He said if it went up to 101.5 to go to the nearest emergency room. It went up to 101.7 so I went to my local ER which isn't where my surgery was performed. They did a bunch of test but decided to have me taken by ambulance to the hospital where my surgery was done. They did blood work and a cat scan which came out fine. They sent me home the next morning. I just received a bill for the ambulance ride for $2,600. My question is will comp pay for the ambulance and both ER visits plus all the tests if they found nothing the matter with me ? I'm going to call my lawyer Monday and let them know what happened. Someone told me comp will probably pay for the ER visits but not the ambulance. Thanks for any help

RE: NY comp question - 1171 - 03-31-2018

difficult to predict what one adjuster will approve; they don't all follow the same script in all cases.