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Illinois Question - MrRuinedACL - 02-28-2018

Hi I’m looking to get a understanding. I have been receiving TTD since November, the last time i recieved a check was 02/15 it has now been 13 days since my last check . Is thier any penalty to can be taken against the insurance company this is starting to happen far to much in January i recieved one check 20 days late . Please help I’m tired of these antics . Also can a insurance cut you off without notice .

RE: Illinois Question - 1171 - 02-28-2018

Yes to both.
The comp court awards penalties for unreasonable delays in payments.
They can be fined for untimely/ missing notifications; you are due a reason for stoppage of TD.

RE: Illinois Question - 1171 - 02-28-2018

More information

RE: Illinois Question - tbear6410 - 02-28-2018

Here in NY, they may say you'll get a 2 week check, but they have 30 days to send it. Only time we can complain is if it's past the 30 day mark. Same with the mileage check...