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Questions about workman’s comp - Lifeupsidedown - 01-04-2018

This is the 1st time I’ve been hurt on the job & the 1st time I’ve been on workman’s comp. it has been the total opposite as I would imagine from the beginning leaving me to wonder if it’s legal. From the beginning, I was injured by a third party, I was denied med treatment for days, then I was harrassed by employer. They sent me to “ their doctor” & his report contraverted my claim. I, then did paperwork to open claim & found an atty, out came their attorney who has treated me like a criminal. Suffered for a year until I won case at hearing. Now I am being obviously harassed & retaliated against by the other side, & trying to send me to their dr. to contravert me again. So after you win, can they keep on demanding excess info, make you dowhatever (no matter how unreasonable) & harass you? How can you make them stop? I just want to get through this as quickly as possible & on with my life. So, even if you “win” you don’t really totally win. I am now having more anxiety & being more stressed out.I just want the whole nightmare over.

RE: Questions about workman’s comp - 1171 - 01-04-2018

You can seek treatment for a work injury on your own initiative, you don't need permission.
It's the employers claim and in most states they control who treats.
Litigation has always been an adversarial process.
Have your atty negotiate a buyout settlement.
Getting accurate information about the process early on can help avoid the anger and frustration of false assumptions and unrealistic expectations.
Start becoming informed about your rights and how the system works by telling us your state.
So what are your questions?........

RE: Questions about workman’s comp - 1171 - 01-06-2018

Sorry we couldn't help more but thankx for posting.