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Almost hit by a car at work - Gene - 11-04-2017

Hi..need some advice..almost was hit by a car...had fx of of
Foot hit curb fell hard on sidewalk twisting and hurting neck and side. All Dr s are not helping me..cannot drive ..have stick shift...Dr podiatrist actually told me I should borrow a car to go to work..unbelievable. ..tried to find a good Dr for physical therapy on my own..unfortunately picked wrong one conflict works for Same company mistake. .did not help me at all..wanted to release me back to work..though explained that I have neck pain and lower back..never setup physical therapy appointment for me...feel like I am not getting help for my injuries.

..frustrated ..can not work and boss is asking for an excuse from dr...not physically ready to work..what do I do

RE: Almost hit by a car at work - 1171 - 11-04-2017

Do you have a workers' compensation claim?
If so, what stAte?
you have to follow the rules of your state's work comp insurance process. You have to have medical corroboration to receive disability payments.
I'm surprised your state allowed you to choose 2 docs.
Has the claim been accepted?
I don't know of any that will allow more.
Best bet is to try work and go back to the doc if still a problem.
Most health insurers will accept treatment denied by comp.