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C-4.3 Paperwork NY - tbear6410 - 11-01-2017

My lawyer sent me the newest C-4.3 (MMI/Permanent Impairment) forms to be filled out and either mailed or faxed back to him.  Question is, who is suppose to fill them out??

Pain Management Doctors
Surgeon who you see
Family Physician (who has never seen you for the injury)

Only reason why I'm asking is we brought the papers to Pain Management and they said they don't do those and I was to bring them to my family doctor.  We told them our family doctor has never seen me for my injury at all.  They then said to bring them to my surgeon..

Thanks for any help...

RE: C-4.3 Paperwork NY - 1171 - 11-03-2017

Any doctor that's willing can give evidence/rating on extent of permanent impairment.

RE: C-4.3 Paperwork NY - tbear6410 - 11-03-2017

Thanks 1171... last time I needed papers filled out for Comp and SS no one wanted to do them.., got one excuse after another., Finally told my lawyer he can send them and request them to be filled out..

I see my surgeon on the 14th so I'll bring them and cross my fingers..

RE: C-4.3 Paperwork NY - 1171 - 11-03-2017

Your docs are getting paid by comp. if they can't/won't do the paperwork, you can switch to ones who will. Uncooperative docs can delay and impede resolution of the claim.