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Can no longer do regular security again - Js1! - 07-29-2017

I was injured by two mental patients while working contract security at a County Phyciatric Hospital in California February 29, 2016. I received surgery on my left ankle, during which my perniol nerve was damaged. I was sent back to work with no restrictions, although my ankle continued to hurt and soon noticed a small bump under my skin on left side of my ankle. I finally received a CT scan that showed i had 1 broken bone, 1 chipped bone floating, a screw backed out and was pushing out the side of ankle, (the bump), and 3 frozen tendons. I received a 2nd surgery through my lawyers doctor, The nerve damage is still present and I do not feel strong enough in my ankle to run, walk or stand for long periods, nor conduct take downs at my work. I can no longer do the regular security I have done for the last 23 years. I was given a 13% rating only and was told that after 10 months of surgery and recovery, plus never being able to do my job, it is only worth less than $7000 and continual medical coverage. How is this fair or just?

RE: Can no longer do regular security again - 1171 - 07-29-2017

Workers comp is "no fault" which means both you and the employer share the results of then jury.
The benefits are legally set by he legislature. Contact your state legislator to make your opinion known.
There is some retraining benefits.