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Indiana PPI rating, what does it mean? - KimbaWhiteLion - 07-21-2017

I had both left and right complete tear rotor cuff surgeries. My shoulder specialists had to remove the left bicep tendon as it was too damaged. He gave me a rating of 2% whole body left side and 1% whole body right side. I went back to work with restrictions for 4 months after a medical leave of 52 weeks. I am back on medical leave again with a acdf cervical disc fusion with cadaver bone. This case is not finished and they keep finding more wrong. I was in a head-on car accident with a young man that fell asleep at the wheel, he was going 50 mph. What is the ppi rating and how is it figured out?

RE: Indiana PPI rating, what does it mean? - 1171 - 07-22-2017

PPI or permanent partial impairment is a term used to describe the amount of residual disability due to a work comp injury. not all injured workers achieve a complete recovery from a work injury. the amount of functional deficit is measured and reported as a percentage of permanent impairment. 100% is generally considered permanent total inability to work at any job. the duration of additional disability payments is based on the PPI rating. the guidelines provide a formula to combine ratings once all conditions have reached maximum medical improvement.
Indiana has specified that the AMA 6th edition guidelines be used to rate impairment.
additional information is available from the work comp board

RE: Indiana PPI rating, what does it mean? - 1171 - 07-26-2017

Glad I could help. Thankx for posting.
I'm sure it will help others who come here for information.