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settlement talk have some questions - jojo87 - 07-18-2017

I am from MI and I was injured 2 years ago resulting in CRPS of the left hand and now it may be progressing to my left foot. My lawyer called today and said that he feels that we are close to settlement. I was confused about how he got his number though for my claim ? he was talking about like basing his number on like 5 years and that in MI I won't get anything for the loss of my career ? Just wondering if there are any questions I could ask him. My condition is progressive and I guess I was taken by surprised by his call so I just want to ask these questions to get a better idea of what will go on.

RE: settlement talk have some questions - 1171 - 07-18-2017

Are you buying out your medical?
Have you applied for vocational rehabilitation?
If your medical will remain open, will your atty represent you if there are issues after the settlement?

There is a benefit calculation program as well as general information here,4682,7-191-26918---,00.html

RE: settlement talk have some questions - jojo87 - 07-19-2017

Thanks for your reply 1171
lawyer has said they don't settle cases for open medical and he said once I settle I am on my own. I have tried several times to download this application it dosen't work. What I am wondering is my condition is an expensive one if I won't be able to get compensation for my lost career I should at least not have to have to worry financially about my arm or wherever this spreads next.

RE: settlement talk have some questions - 1171 - 07-19-2017

So what about vocational rehabilitation?
You don"t have to close out your benefits if the $$ are not right.
You can leave the benefits in place; especially if your medical needs are going to increase.
Have you talked to your atty about options other then a buyout/close out?

RE: settlement talk have some questions - jojo87 - 07-19-2017

The insurance company and my lawyer are both looking towards closing my case. It's making me mad because I know why the insurance company is doing it now. I don't know why my lawyer is doing it now. My lawyer hasn't talked about vocational rehabilitation.

RE: settlement talk have some questions - 1171 - 07-19-2017

Sounds like you need to take charge of your own case and start taking the initiative.
Many Lawyers assume everyone wants a quick buyout for the most $$. their fee is also based on the settlement. if medical is included, the settlement & fee are higher often time with less work and no trial or drawn out delays.
Many workers are more worried about long term medical treatment and getting back to work.
attys and workers often have differing goals and objectives as to how the benefits should be handled. many attys have difficult time deciding between what is best for the client when that is in conflict with the fees and their work load.
You might need a lawyer that's working for what you want instead of assuming what you want.
Might be time to have a face to face with your atty or start talking to some others. they should convince you that what you want is important.
There is a single fee that is split when there have been more then 1 atty.

RE: settlement talk have some questions - tbear6410 - 07-19-2017

I'm in NY and both me and my lawyer have agreed to start my settlement.... He told me he always tells his clients to keep their medical open....