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wheelchair yoga - California_Help - 05-22-2017

For California injured workers: I have not done a UR appeal denying yoga for someone in a wheelchair...but I would love to try.

I believe for most injuries there is something you can do as far as exercise. I started after my two level fusion with a soup can laying in bed. I eventually tried yoga for seniors (I am not a senior) but it was a good starting point with my injury. I have also found there are yoga classes for those with injuries. This may not be available in all areas. There are also instructional videos on spine health website and you can look up exercises geared towards certain injuries. Again, ask your doctor before starting any type of exercise when you have an injury.

Wheelchair Yoga

"Wheelchair Yoga is a practice from India which embraces each individual as unique and beautiful. Consequently, each exercise (called a Yoga pose) is an expression of the individual. Therefore, just as no two people are the same, no two poses are the same. When performing Yoga in a wheelchair, each individual should work toward expressing the pose to his or her fullest capability while honoring his or her limitations.

Benefits of wheelchair Yoga include include:

1.improved flexibility
2.increased strength
3.greater lung capacity
4.reduced levels of stress, tension and anxiety
5.improved mental clarity and focus
6.improved sense of well being
7.increased feelings of connection, less isolation
8.more restful sleep


When practicing wheelchair Yoga, follow these precautions:
1.Consult with a doctor before beginning this or any fitness program
2.When possible, perform Yoga poses with a partner or caregiver present
3.Stretch only to the point where you experience a mild tension, never pain
4.Continue to breathe normally as you hold each stretch

Wheelchair Poses

The following are Yoga poses that can be done in a wheelchair.

Cat Pose (back stretch)

Cow Pose (front of body-opener)

Side Stretch (obliques and lats)

Twist (back)

Eagle Pose (back and shoulder stretch)

Forward Bend (low back, hips and and hamstrings)

Hip Stretch (hips)

Leg Stretch (hamstrings)

Resources for Wheelchair Yoga

For more information on Yoga and other activities for people with disabilities, visit the The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability."

There is a link to free online meditation class. It is closed but they left instructions available for anyone who is interested. I can say from my own personal experience meditation relaxation exercises has helped me with short term pain issues.

One last link, it is for The National Center Health Physical Activity for Individuals With Disabilities. Check it out.