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Pennsylvania - Wrist Injury - BrettT - 04-05-2017

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some advice on a wrist injury I sustained last year. It was determined that I tore my TFCC and proceeded to have the debridement surgery. Fast foward to two weeks ago after pain does not subside the surgeon take x-rays and finds that I need to have an Ulnar Osteotomy where I have a second surgery. Work has paid medical bills and some of the lost wages; but I am curious if any further compensation is a realistic expectation or seeking an attorney would be a wise course of action? Any input would be appreciated.


RE: Pennsylvania - Wrist Injury - 1171 - 04-05-2017

possibly. you need medical verification of on going disability and/or continuing wage loss.
more here

RE: Pennsylvania - Wrist Injury - Timothy Belt - 04-06-2017

Speaking as a PA attorney-so keep in mind that I may have a bit of a bias-an injured worker is always better off with an attorney. This is true for several reasons. First, at least in PA the attorney does not receive a fee unless it is approved by a judge, so until your case is in litigation you are basically receiving free advise. Second, the attorney is able to spot potential issues and correct them before they become a problem, and finally, the attorney will have the records and not need to play catch up if a claim is filed.

As to potential entitlement to additional benefits, that is certainly possible. If you hire an attorney, they will review your claim and determine whether or not you are entitled to additional compensation.