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2 months since IME appointment - jojo87 - 03-26-2017

Is it normal for it to take over 2 months without a response to an IME appointment. I have CRPS in my left hand and both me and my husband got the impression that the Dr felt I had CRPS. I am in MI, my primary dr is treating me and she is at the max of what she can do.

RE: 2 months since IME appointment - 1171 - 03-26-2017

Normal varies with the doctors schedule. Some doctors are booked 2-3 months in advance. Reports can take 90 days or more.

RE: 2 months since IME appointment - jojo87 - 03-26-2017

Thank You for your response I am just getting super frustrated. They won't ok me going to a pain clinic until I get this paperwork back.

RE: 2 months since IME appointment - 1171 - 03-26-2017

You can see if your health carrier will cover the referral. You can also pay for it directly and seek reimbursement.
You should still be getting treatment from your regular doc.
If the claim is litigated and you have an aggressive atty he can schedule a deposition from a reluctant doc.

RE: 2 months since IME appointment - jojo87 - 03-26-2017

The pain management clinic I want to go to won't allow me to use other insurance with an open comp claim. So going the referral route is a no go. My doc is willing to write to whomever she needs to. She is a physician assiassistant and her Dr that supervises her said if I don't get to a pain clinic soon they can't continue to treat me so the little relief I do get from my meds will be gone to.  BTW I am in MI sorry I didn't realize I forgot to tell you what state I was in.

RE: 2 months since IME appointment - 1171 - 03-27-2017

The physician's assistant should not be pressuring you like that. It doesn't help the patient or their peace of mind especially when the decisions are not theirs to make. Threats are not productive. Maybe this PA will be willing to contact the IME to speed things along explain how critical your condition is.

RE: 2 months since IME appointment - jojo87 - 03-27-2017

She is aware of my condition and is more or less passing along the threats of the Dr. who signs her paperwork. It was explained that they have to move me along because it looks to an audit board that they are allowing me t just sit and be given meds with no clear treatment plan in place because my best place is a pain clinic which they are referring its just the insurance company is dragging their feet. At this point I willingly went off some of my big pain meds to make things easier on them. Which is proving to be a very bad decision as my pain is progressing, They keep uping my does of Gabapentin.