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Settlement issue - newbrothaontheblock - 01-26-2017

Hello all

I have a ongoing case that will be ending soon.

I injured both legs in a accident 3 years ago. When I received my first MMI both legs were at 30% and no work restrictions after I was released I had to have surgery again and fast forward to Jan I was released again by the doctor with 30% in my left leg and 50% on my right leg. I have permanment restrictions I cannot lift over 30 pounds and i cant walk up and down stairs. I have worked in a warehouse all my life now i cannot do that type of work. My lawyer said due to South Carolina workers comp laws that my settlement amount wont change. My question is should have the  settlement amount changed since the new restrictions and new percentages to my legs or should i fire my lawyer and find a new lawyer or is it to late?

RE: Settlement issue - 1171 - 01-26-2017

i assume you know little about work comp in south carolina or work comp ratings.
your atty has little reason to lie to you unless there is something you are not explaining.

so either you did not understand the explanation given or you have some reason for not trusting what you were being told.
workers compensation is a legal specialty in south carolina.
you should check out your atty and see if he/she is a specialist and knowledgeable about SC comp law.

if they are a specialist, then it is likely you did not understand. without knowing the details of the case it's difficult to guess if it's a rating question or your claim exceeded the time limits for changing.
Ratings are complex and often involve multiple measurements and the combination of different factors.
also an impairment rating from a physician is different from a disability rating that is used to compute benefits.

were you awarded permanent partial benefits after your first rating?
what explanation were you given by your atty?
did you discuss your ratings with your doctor?
do you know what standard was used for your ratings?
was it the AMA guides 4th edition?
what was your whole person impairment?

of course you can contact other attys at any time and decide to switch if you have the option.
don't assume you'll be able to find another atty to take the case.
in the meantime while you check on your atty, let me check into SC laws and see if there is a more obvious and understandable explanation.

thank you for your post.

RE: Settlement issue - 1171 - 01-29-2017

You're welcome. Hope it helped.