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SLAP Tear Tennessee - dookiestinks18 - 11-30-2016

Hi all- I am in Tennessee and was injured at work last month. Just had MRI and Ortho doc says that surgery may or may not help- a cortisone shot will tell for sure. I also am having awful neck and back pain and will see another Ortho doc tomorrow, so holding off on shot.

Here's my question- would having surgery potentially make my case more valuable in the long-term? As in making the injury as a whole more serious? Or would having a SLAP tear not repaired potentially mean a higher MMI %?

I obviously want to do what's best as far a healing is concerned, but if the shot doesn't help I want to consider having it repaired vs. not having it repaired.

As for the neck/back pain, I have pre-existing ratings on these from the military, but the pain since the injury is insane and not my "normal" pain. Any experience or advice on dealing with pre-existing conditions that have been aggravated?

I did retain an attorney because of how rude and unprofessional the IA was from the start, but have not had much to discuss yet since I am still awaiting diag.


RE: SLAP Tear Tennessee - 1171 - 11-30-2016

Whether a surgery does more harm then good depends on many variables especially the competency of the surgeon.
You should find out the dollar value of the disability payments before deciding to avoid normal recovery efforts.
Generally workers that lose the most time in the labor market suffer the most financially; impairment awards are not much of a money maker. Comp pays no where near as much as a civil liability suit. Comp is "no fault" and benefits are minimal.

Your words do not make that obvious at all; quite the contrary.
Many "pie-in-the-sky" assumptions leave workers angry and frustrated years later; they angled for a big payday that was never there. Many still try....
Impairment payments are a pittance compared to working wages.
A good atty will tell you that.

RE: SLAP Tear Tennessee - dookiestinks18 - 11-30-2016

(11-30-2016, 02:24 PM)1171 Wrote: Thank you for the response. Could you clarify 2 things?

"You should find out the dollar value of the disability payments before deciding to avoid normal recovery efforts."

Not sure how I would go about finding this out and what you mean exactly.

"Your words do not make that obvious at all; quite the contrary."

What words don't make what obvious?

RE: SLAP Tear Tennessee - 1171 - 11-30-2016

"valuable" and "MMI%" are terms that are all about the $$ and are the earliest ideas you posted.
that's fine. 90% of insurance decisions are based on getting or saving $$$ from everyone in the system.
denying it insults the intelligence and experience of those that post here regularly.

trying to guess the value of your impairment benefits this early in the game is mostly a waste of time; too many variables and too many events left in the case.
the best you can do is get an idea of the range available remembering that while you are fighting to keep it high they are fighting to keep it low. your atty has had experience with your carrier, the doctors and your work comp court and should be able to give you some idea of the possible payout.

you can get an idea of all the variables involved by reviewing the statute (50-6-207 (3)

your doctor at some point should be able to give you an idea of your whole person rating at some point.

the whole process is designed to keep both parties in the dark as long as possible. they don't want workers looking at a menu and ordering up comp checks the day after you are hired. just as they don't want employers denying claims/treatment on day one based on what they think it might cost.

RE: SLAP Tear Tennessee - dookiestinks18 - 12-01-2016

(11-30-2016, 04:58 PM)1171 Wrote: You know, in both instances your words are nothing more than passive-aggressive insults. You could at least come right out and say what you imply.

Do I care about getting the most I can? Hell yes. Just like the IC wants to give as little as possible. Why would I want to walk away leaving something on the table to which I am entitled? No one needs the hidden insults with your "advice".

RE: SLAP Tear Tennessee - 1171 - 12-01-2016

Actually that's what you got and you didn,t like it.
So where is your concern about healing?
You are very confusing and conflicted; saying one thing and posting another.

There is no advice or insults; just information. You see what you want to.
Hopefully the response will help others that search these posts.

RE: SLAP Tear Tennessee - California_Help - 12-01-2016

What most receive in PD payments is less than if they would have worked during that time period. There is not a lot of money in the work comp system. Having surgery does not make you any more or less PD money as it is not rated on surgery. Some people are better after surgery and some people are worse. Work comp is mainly there for medical benefits and temporary wage replacement. Once wage replacement payments are stopped some people fall into poverty. Research your doctors and surgery before agreeing to it. The best thing to do in my opinion is get out of this system as fast as you can because the medical treatment is often not as good as private insurance with many delays and denials as you can read on this site. Nothing in life is more valuable than your health.