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How to get Lifetime medical enforced in CALIF - Richard+Catz - 11-28-2016

I've had a lifetime medical order since 2005. Of late it seems to be as useless as cat litter.. Don't have an attorney to help.. not involving money. Need medical care Chronic continuing severe pain condition.

I can't seem to find anyone interested in enforcing the order from state of Ca in Ca.

RE: How to get Lifetime medical enforced in CALIF - 1171 - 11-28-2016

You,ve already received a lot of advice from this board without much of a response from you.
Have you ignored it?
Did some help?
What were the results?
This board is not just for you.
Others come here and review posts looking for help.
If you don,t contribute as to what works and why it,s not helpful.
Please share your experiences and what you would have done differently.
You,ve been in the system a long time, let others know what you have learned---give back.
Or if you can,t offer anything, why not?

There's only a couple of us responding on California questions; what more do you want?
Do you think there is a magical answer we're not sharing?
Apparently little has changed from your prior posts.

Have you tried political pressure?
Contacting your local state legislator may help.
You may need to go outside of comp; settle and pursue treatment on your own or obtain private health coverage.

RE: How to get Lifetime medical enforced in CALIF - California_Help - 11-30-2016

I responded on another string with several ideas but without knowing some specifics it is difficult for me to provide you with direction.

If you go down to the work comp board and ask an I&A officer to sit down with you and help you, they are often times more help than an attorney.

You should have received your QME report within 30 days of your exam. Have you received it and if not did he request an extension? You should be able to call the QME office to see if it was done if it has been over 30 days.
 If it is in your favor you should get back payment for TTD.

Have you applied for state disability through EED (different than SSI)?

I know workers compensation has given you difficulties with medication refills. If they are denied, you should be able to use your private insurance. If your private insurance will not allow this try this link. I am not familiar with it but I came across it looking up something for another patient to help pay for medicatons.

I know you are frustrated as this system is very complicated and often times not fair. I have also struggled from things that have happened to me while in this system. Stay strong because you will not be in the situation you are in today forever. Things will change.