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Just a quick question - missinandre - 06-15-2016

I'm in VA.  I have been out of work while waiting to be seen by a specialist and even tho this is a workers comp case, they made me use up all of my personal leave waiting for the appointment that never came.  Is this legal, given that this is a workers comp case?  Can I get my leave back?  Now I am STILL waiting for the appointment, but I went back to work.  Will this interfere with my worker's comp case should the doctor determine that I must stay out for 6 weeks due to injury?  (I haven't seen the specialist yet, but I have a chip fracture on my elbow )....Thanks!

RE: Just a quick question - 1171 - 06-15-2016

In order to be eligible for disability payments you would need medical authorization for your time off.
Time away from work for treatment/medical appointments is leave time not disability-there is a difference.
You should be given the option of taking the lost time as unpaid leave.
If you eventually get disability approval, you will not get paid for the period you worked.
If you can work, It does call into question any doctor,s reasoning that you were/ are disabled and will need to be explained.