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future medical - gouge666eye - 05-24-2016

I would like some information my future medical benifit when my workmans comp
settled i took the settlement money and kept the future medical now after 5 plus
years i have had nothing but trouble getting anything approved I have heart problems,
diababetes, hypertension & left knee replacement that needs a knee revision all are considered
industrial to be treated by my future medical benifit my percentage of disability is 63%

I am on medicare now and don't need or want my future medical, i have requested
my attorney to cash out my future medical benifit he says that their will be a Medicare
Set Aside.

Is the Set Aside amount the entire award or is it a percentage of the award
my attorney says it's a percentage but i have also heard that all of the award
is kept for the Medicare Set Aside

RE: future medical - Timothy Belt - 05-25-2016

I don't know what state you are in, but since Medicare is Federal, I assume it is similar in all states. Where I live in PA, approval must be obtained for the MSA from Medicare. That amount must be used strictly for the MSA; however, the parties can negotiate a premium on top of that amount. Additional amounts that may be negotiated may vary from state to state.

RE: future medical - gouge666eye - 05-25-2016

thank you very much i live in California one
more question is the value of my future medical
a larger sum and a portion of of that sum is used for the
set aside

RE: future medical - 1171 - 05-25-2016

your future medical estimate could be broken down into items covered by medicare and those that are outside of medicare but covered by workers comp the Medicare portion would be covered by the Set Aside

RE: future medical - gouge666eye - 05-25-2016

again thank you very much i will find out in the
next few months