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Cervical injury people - AQA - 12-11-2015

For those that do not know me,

My name is AQA. I have a spinal injury L5-S1 that has been fused and I have an SCS.

At present, I have returned from traveling for work and I find that me left arm and Hand is going to sleep on me.

I would like to know which vertebrae might ne causing that.

Thank you

RE: Cervical injury people - 1171 - 12-11-2015

many neck vertebrae affect parts of your arm/hand.
Your C-6 nerve controls your thumb and forefinger, C-7 nerve controls your middle finger and your C-8 nerve your ring finger and pinkie.
a nerve conduction study would be needed to pinpoint specific area.
could also be something else:

RE: Cervical injury people - AQA - 12-14-2015

Greeting young wise one, (AKA 1171)

Thank you for your response.

I will look at the sites you provided later. I think I may have found what is aggravating the spine.

I have not sat in a chair other that for work for about 6 months. Hence my spine is leaning forward most off the day. Yesterday, I noticed that if I lean the seat of the truck back slightly the symptom goes away, so today at work I did the same with the chair and the symptom went away.

I will make contact with my regular dr. next week. A few weeks latter I will be living a normal life and be spending more time sitting properly.

Once again, Thank you