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Ptsd denied - 2015sh - 09-09-2015

23yrs Public worker.  harassment and death threats. By stranger which was arrested .stressed out Diagnosed Ptsd. Wc denied Appealing with Lawyers how long does it take. Out of Fmla.out of money.

RE: Ptsd denied - 1171 - 09-09-2015

I'm sure if your demand is low enough they will settle quickly.
there is no one answer or exact time; each state has different laws and its own comp court and schedule.
we have no Idea how much time each sides attys need to gather necessary evidence. litigation is notoriously slow.
file for SSDI if you will be out of work for an estimated 12 months.
file with your health care provider; they will often pick up treatment when comp has denied.
look into disability retirement options.
contact your union for emergency aid. state and county social services can also step in with food stamps and assistance.
contact your church and local civic/fraternal, organizations(elks, lions, kiwanis, moose, etc.) for support.
contact your doctors about modified/light work.

RE: Ptsd denied - California_Help - 09-09-2015

What state are you in?