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Back injury - LPallet - 04-23-2015

State of Georgia: First off I hope you are having a wonderful day! I fell at work over a year ago. I have had X-ray 2014, FCE 2014 (6mo after accident), first MRI 2014. CT, Bone Scan and 2nd MRI was done all at once in 2015. I have seen a Ortho and a Neurologist, Pain management, Physical therapist. All test results show the same Herniated disk annular tear, bone scan showed osteoarthritis which both doctors said that was due to my fall. I have followed doctors orders and have not missed a appointment. Once I saw the Neuro (1yr 3mo later) he said I was not a candidate at this time for surgery but told me when things get worse to come back and see him. He MMI me and sent me back to my Ortho. My Ortho also MMI me on the next visit with a PRN and told me to come back within a yr. to keep my claim open. I am now left with pain management only. I have not seen him yet since my mmi but have a apt soon (once a month visits).
My questions: Why are the doctors not willing to fix my back? Does MMI mean they will not heal my back? Will my back heal on it's own after over a year and a half of pain in lower back and burning down my leg? Why would a Attorney tell me early on 8mo into this, settle now. And again wants me to settle now. Why would a attorney not want to help you get proper medical treatment? Also I was told I no longer had a job and should find work that would suit my medical impairments. 6% whole body Ortho, 3% Neuro. What does this mean? Sorry for all the questions but would like a little help understanding how workers comp works. Can anyone help me understand this whole mess please. LP

RE: Back injury - 1171 - 04-23-2015

its not possible to get a medical diagnosis on your condition on a public message board. medicine can't cure or fix every problem.
surgery often leaves the patient worse off. doctors have to balance the chance for improvement with the chance you'll be worse off. if your disability isn't critical, maybe your arthritic condition increases the risk that a surgery will make your situation worse.
In many cases time is the most significant factor in the recovery process; whether yours is one of those is unknown.

an atty gets paid for settling claims; not for getting you treatment. their fee is paid from your disability $$ not from your doctor bills. generally your disability is higher early in the case and much lower later.
their fee is a percentage and therefore worth more the sooner you settle.

ratings are used to calculate additional disability payments and based on your permanent impairment with 100% being totally disabled and 0% as having no permanent impairment.

write your questions down and take them with you to your Pain Management appointment so you won't forget to ask. the doctors there should have all your records and might be able to give you some better information.

more on Georgia comp here
and here

RE: Back injury - dolphins - 04-23-2015

You have to have a letter from one of the doctors saying you DO need surgery. Then the doctor will ask for approval, if it is denied, then it's up to your doctor to file an appeal with-in a certain amount of time. If still denied, then it IS up to your attorney to file a DRP and go in front of the judge.

This is how it works in CA. I'm not sure it is the same in Georgia.