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Storms - Manley2 - 04-09-2015

Sure many have seen the videos of the large tornado that went thru northern IL tonight. Well we had a warning too and some rotation here not long after that happened. Not a fun time to try and keep an eye out to protect the family and live with the pain. New house has a basement so that is a good thing it will just be the stairs to get down there. Wish I could get WC to pay for an above ground storm shelter so I could get in there without any trouble. My doc has said she will write it up that I need a stair lift for getting up stairs in the new house but not sure they will cover that so I'm not sure they would even think about one for the basement. Need to be able to get to things down there anyway like heater and water heater. Not sure how this is all going to work yet.

Saying a prayer for all those in the path of the storms today. Just because we are save does not mean we should forget the others

RE: Storms - Bummer Knees - 04-12-2015

We saw some activity here with the storms.

Just west of Wichita tornados were reported on the ground. There was concern for a while with the tornados being on a direct path for downtown Wichita. Fortunately the tornado made a turn and went across country and weakened.