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appeals - poppy481647 - 01-06-2015

Albany, New York, How likely once a wc judge makes a reserve decision based on the fact that given opportunities for the carrier and the claimant to come to a resolved by suggestion of the hearing officer, not only did a meeting of the minds not take place as well the carrier choose not to depose medical professionals which was also stipulated by wc law judge....My question is now that the law judge makes a reserve decision say on behalf of the claimant's favor how likely is there to be an appeal by the carrier.......?????? The law judge as I remember was very steadfast in his suggestions for an agreement to commence, also stated that this case has been going on sine 2011, and that regardless of their Dr's suggesting that i have not reached full MMI, by law and statues I have, The law judge also said that it would be in the best interest of the carrier to meet that resolve , and if not his decision would be based on the file and it's content which the only slu percentages is that of the claimants Dr's....With all this in mind again how likely would n appeal be..........?????

RE: appeals - 1171 - 01-09-2015

those statistics are not available publicly.