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California- Request for release of info - CaliMom - 12-21-2014


I was injured on the job 8 days ago, and I received a packet from the comp insurance adjuster today. In the packet is a form to sign to release medical info relevant to the injury... Not a problem. However, there is also a form requesting me to release all academic/collegiate records, past employment records, my personnel file from the current job where I was injured AND previous employers, and any greviances I've ever filed at work. This seems to be irrelevant, especially my college records and previous employment personnel files.

Is that normal information to release or should I get a lawyer and dispute the relevance of all that info?

Thanks in advance!

RE: California- Request for release of info - 1171 - 12-21-2014

whether it is relevant or not depends on your injury.
emotional/psyche/stress claims often require extensive background information before a physician can assign liability correctly.
with or without an atty you are not required to sign/respond.
you can select what information you are willing to provide.
sounds like a standard "package" was asked to be sent or if it's just a physical injury there was a mistake as to the nature of your injury/claim.

RE: California- Request for release of info - California_Help - 12-22-2014

I would contact an attorney who specializes in workers compensation and discuss the form before signing. If you do not want to contact an attorney you can call an I&A officer at the WCAB your case is located at.