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permanent restrictions - cha926 - 10-19-2014

Hi all im new on here and have some questions, thanks for any help. Im from florida and injured my right shoulder and now have a frozen shoulder, was suppose to have surgery in September ,but found out I had to have triple bypass , any way work for the union here in Orlando fl, and dr, for workers comp gave me a 16% disability rating and permanent restriction with no lifting more than 1 lb are no climbing ladders are crawling, pushing are pulling, been in construction my entire life how can I find a job with these limitations and does the union come into this because im not supposed to work for a non union company and have no ideal how much im entitle to on a settlement are can I qualify for permanent total disability thanks in advanced for any help

RE: permanent restrictions - 1171 - 10-19-2014

no, permanent total is limited to those whose functioning precludes them from all work.
your rating determines your permanent disability benefits--with 100% being total disability.
for 16% you are looking at approximately 25 weeks of additional disability payments.
for help with a new career use re-employment services.
more here