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Man from my town. - bronco54501 - 09-23-2014

I am sharing a link, this man is taking a stand against bullying and he has a challenge for everyone.. He addresses a problem with our local school district and he is dead on on how the system is here. Admin, I hope this as not against the rules.

RE: Man from my town. - Bummer Knees - 09-23-2014

Just last week I visited with Cody's teacher and school counselor about him being bullied by another student.

With Cody's developmental delays he doesn't know how to cope and act when being bullied.

The student doing the bullying is a girl and picks on kids who are different having a reputation at her school.

The teacher had not a clue the bullying was going on in his classroom, he claims.

Classroom setting was changed and this has helped but not stopped the bullying.

RE: Man from my town. - Scooter123 - 09-23-2014

Unfortunalty bullying has been around for a very long time but it has been in the media more perhaps because of the suicides that have happened as a result.
It's true. Teachers have no idea how to handle this. I have seen them look the other way when it happens. With classroom crowding, there is no time ( in their minds) to address it.
Some teachers and schools are stepping up to address the problem; some lower income schools haven't.

This guy has it right. It has to start in the home. If kids are allowed to get away with thinking it's ok to bully another person, then shame on the parents. There has to be accountability instilled somehow in the homes.
Bullying dosent stop in schools though. Look at WC.

RE: Man from my town. - bronco54501 - 09-23-2014

Yes in a way wc does bully the injured.... This has been around forever, but with all the new school policies in place all that the teachers can do is send them to the office. And like with our school staff they don't want to admit theres a problem so it don't give a bad name to our schools.. When I went through school I was raised to protect my rights and even if it was just verbal the kid doing it would get his donkey handed to him. But now we cant do this in todays world, and they wonder why parents are pulling their kids out more and more to home school....

I know this guy personally, My oldest son Austin went through 3 years of self defense classes. His heart is pure and teaches kids respect and gives kids a good feeling about themselves. I'm just afraid this little town with bias law officials are going to blow this out of proportion and make this man a target..

RE: Man from my town. - Scooter123 - 09-24-2014

I went to school in a catholic school run by nuns. They ruled with with a long, pointer or ruler and used it often. One good whack on the hands usually had no repeat offenders. We also had a principle who had a belt.
I hope they don't make a target outnof him. They should listen and learn from him.

RE: Man from my town. - jayne - 09-24-2014

That darn ruler hurt,I got spanked at school twice. The first was in kindergarden I found the book shelves and didnt hear the teacher tell me to sit so I got a pop on the butt with her bare hand.The second time I was in 7th I mouthed off and got a paddling that put bruises on my but from her paddle.In my defence we had a dress code said our dresses had to be no more than 2 inches above the knee.I was 5ft 10 and weighed 113 lbs. to get one that fit up top it was way to short, to get it long enough I swam in it....My mom said they could choose my clothes when they paid for them to be made for me. A teacher I didnt like was kind enough to get several of us girls lined up to measure our dresses in front of the class.I told her she could measure me then it was my turn to measure hers....She busted my butt. I then walked home and told my mom. My mother grounded me for mouthing off at a teacher and went to the school office to have the teacher called in so Mom could measure hers.Teacher got to spend a few days at home