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QUESTION? Medical buyout in CA - katkat - 09-21-2014

Hi all! Not sure I am wording all this correctly but I will try my best..

My adjuster said I have received all the awarded $$ that I was entitled to and now asked me if I wanted to buy out my medical..

My questions are... 1. If I buyout will this not allow me to ever be able to claim disability or permanent disability in the future, and 2. If I have medi-cal right now IEHP to be exact will that $$ go to them if I settle??

Thank you in advance!

RE: QUESTION? Medical buyout in CA - 1171 - 09-21-2014

separate injuries are handled separately.
settling this injury will close out all benefits from this work comp injury but will not affect any other injuries or claims you have now or may have in the future.

unless there is a lien on file OR it's specified otherwise in the settlement documents the settlement $$ will go to you.