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Dealing with WC Adjuster and Lawyer/ GA - corawilke - 09-10-2014

I am just looking to see if anyone has a similar case to mine.

I live and work in the state of GA but the company I was working for is based out of CA; I was an extra on a movie set in Atlanta. So during the filming I was running fell and fractured my left shoulder in 2 places.
I had issues with the adjuster from the start!
On the 3rd day from the accident (May 2014) I hired a local W.C Attorney. He has helped out a lot. The Adjuster didn't want to pay a weekly check even though my Dr. said I was unable to work. Finally after 30 days I received one. The adjuster only used what I made for the one day of work as an extra. They said that because extras are not hired on more than 1 day they can not figure a weekly check based on the jobs I had to cancel out of. (another nightmare since I only get $80 a week).

In June my 1st Dr. (the one the insurance company picked) approved for me to go back to work without restrictions. He knew that I couldn't open up a door or hold more than 2 pounds in my hand. Much less try to raise my arm more than 3 inches up. Another nightmare.

In August my Lawyer finally was able to get me a 2nd opinion Dr. who was wonderful, he actually measured out how far my arm would move (not a whole lot). He recommended aggressive P.T and after 8 weeks if it didn't work then manipulation would be needed. Finally after one week the adjuster approved for Physical Therapy this was in August and my injuray was in May 2014.
I arrived to P.T and the therapist wasn't able to do a whole lot. She tried to stretch my arm and I would be in so much pain, tears included that she had to stop. She tried doing dry needling which is taking a needle to the muscle to get it to loosen up. This hurt to say the least........ Well the wonderful adjuster/insurance only approved 6 visits which was 2 weeks. The therapist tried calling them to state I needed more with no luck on them returning phone calls.
My lawyer tried to call and they would never answer phone calls. So here it is now Sept, and I have not received more P.T than the original 6 days in August. My lawyer set up a hearing in October to try to make them do something. He asked me if I wanted to settle and I said no, I want my arm to be normal again. I can only raise it about 3 inches up. I can't do my hair, putting clothes on that are long sleeve is a nightmare or undoable. I am very fed up with the adjuster. I want to go ahead and have the manipulation done, to get it over with. Hopefully I can sleep better. Then just P.T. approved to get things moving again.

Does anyone have an opinion or suggestion?

RE: Dealing with WC Adjuster and Lawyer/ GA - 1171 - 09-10-2014

can be a difficult decision to either stay with poor coverage or settle.
more on workers comp in georgia here

RE: Dealing with WC Adjuster and Lawyer/ GA - Scooter123 - 09-10-2014

Just read about a WC case where a nurse worked as a contact employee for a hospital. She fell and injured herself and was left partially paralyzed. She fought for seven years with WC and finally won in December. As a result, it has prompted other injured temp staff to also start to fight for their rights with WC.
Perhaps your lawyer can utilize this case somehow as an example?
The paper was the Post and Courier in SC. It was online.