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receiving treatment - ribbies - 07-05-2014

An employee gets injured at work 2 days before moving out of state to transfer to another store location. Got initial xray, needs to see orthopedic surgeon. Can she go to one in new state or does she have to see one in state where injury occurred?

RE: receiving treatment - 1171 - 07-05-2014

medical rules depend on the work comp laws that govern the claim.
generally it's where the injury occurs or the injured's residence

RE: receiving treatment - ribbies - 07-06-2014

That is pretty much what I thought. She injured knee on the 4th at work in New Hampshire, got x-ray on 5th, getting mandatory drug screen today (facility couldn't do yesterday), & will try to see orthopedic MD tomorrow. In meantime, truck is packed to move to Ohio. Can she start process here w/ ortho and get referral to Ohio MD?

RE: receiving treatment - 1171 - 07-06-2014

her claim is under New Hampshire comp law. she will receive NH benefits.
NH allows employer to have managed care plan control treatment.
if there is no such plan injured can select any doctor- in or out of state.
doctor has to follow NH treatment guidelines.
she might have difficulty finding such a doctor.
she should contact the comp carrier for help finding an out of state doctor.
more information here