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Stress Claim - Northern California - 052614 - 06-10-2014

I left work because of bullying/harrassment/stress whch led to depression. From all I have read it is very hard to prove this type of claim. Even though my job has cause substantial stress to me I have decided to settle for what they have offered me = $20,000.00 since from what I read/heard it may cause me more stress and depression to pursue this case. Sounds like everything is on the side of the employer.

RE: Stress Claim - Northern California - 1171 - 06-10-2014

employers think everything is on the side of the employee. it's very hard to see the situation from the opposing position.
settlement requires both sides to give up something.
neither party gets everything they want.
both sides do get the case resolved.
often times long term litigation is not worth the potential benefits and closing the case quickley is the best outcome for both.
if you don't think you are better off closing the case now then do not settle; contact other attys.