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RE: Chess - I'm tired of being a game piece! - shndar85 - 05-09-2014

You are right, your checks will stop if you stop voc rehab; hasn't your lawyer talked to you about perm total disability?
I never minded being followed because when you really can't do something, you don't worry about being caught.
What is your hope in finishing this? I guess I'm asking (not dollars) but if you could settle today - how would this end for you?

RE: Chess - I'm tired of being a game piece! - Manley2 - 05-09-2014

Well really I'm not sure I see it ending. There are 2 of us they are doing the same things too. I can't find out if they have done a MSA but both our lawyers agree it will not be cheap. For me if they want open medical I might as well just get a check ever week and just deal with them. I really don't mind reminding them every time they cut a check about me being a pain in their butt. My lawyer wants to make sure they understand this is perm and so does my doctor.
The company we worked for I think was just too use to employees getting hurt, having some treatment then getting a check and going back to work. They had some employees that were perm but they dealt with them by finding an easy job for them until they retired. One of the gals that worked in the rehab department out there was in there for 20 years. I think new management decide this was not what they wanted to do because they ran 8 of us out of there in the same day saying they didn't have work for us and were closing the department. Took them almost 2 years to close it.

Now to how I would end it. They are going to have to do the MSA and pay out a reasonable amount and not the pennies they have offered. I know a guy that returned to work full duty they paid more then they have offered me so that is sad

RE: Chess - I'm tired of being a game piece! - bronco54501 - 05-09-2014

I think a lot of us when we settle we are looking for some kind of closure to put the whole wc thing behind them. Some can but then the ones perm injured have to live it til their dying day. We never get what we think we deserve, and there is not enough money to bring back my life...

RE: Chess - I'm tired of being a game piece! - Manley2 - 05-09-2014

bronco you are so right, there is no way we will ever get what it is worth. And I know that. Even if I got a figure above what I would be happy with I will spend ever day until I die in pain. And I will lose so many things over that time. They can never pay you enough to cover what we truly lose. And I know there are those out there that know this but they care more about the bottom line then you. And we are talking about world wide companies that make billions in profits. Their CEO makes more in a year then they would even dream of paying one person for a lifetime

RE: Chess - I'm tired of being a game piece! - shndar85 - 05-10-2014

take the money out: there is no compensation for the things I will never again be able to do: ride a bike, swim, lift up my kids, plant a garden, throw a ball, wash my hair with both hands, etc. There is no way to compensate for the loss of the things I'll never do again - or the pain I live in 24/7. And yet we are to jump through hoops, play their "games", do what we are told for months - even years, to get a pennies worth of compensation.
I've never been one to expect or feel entitled - but I know what I've lost and that God willing, I have a lot of life left...........and it is really maddening to know that I can't contribute to my family in any financially substantial way because of a system that doesn't recognize the value of a person and what their loss of ability truly means.

RE: Chess - I'm tired of being a game piece! - Manley2 - 05-10-2014

I was out today and sat a ton but in a regular folding chair it is not good on the back. Can't put on enough pain patches for sure. And when I get home can't even take my own socks off. Tonight my whole body is feeling it and tomorrow being mothers day I'm not sure I will even make it out of bed. Now yes I will because I just can't even lay in bed that long. All this from being out and really just enjoying the nice weather. For me to get out and just do simple things I could use a scooter and I think I need to push for getting one. It just sucks to be in what is now normal pain levels but when you do try and get out to suffer even that much more