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Fall and Concussion at work...settlement??? - metalpyro - 03-01-2014

Hello to the forum and had a few questions concerning an accident I had at work recently. I've been injured before at work and the end result was two ruptured discs in my lower back. I received a settlement for that injury and it was spread out for like 16 weeks. I live/work in North Carolina and Im 31 years old.

About a month ago on a Tuesday, we had a big snow and I slipped on ice at work, fell and hit my head on the pavement resulting in a concussion. I dont remember anything about it, just the events about 5 minutes before and then I remember being in the ambulance on the way to the emergency room. I was treated that day in the ER and left. That following Saturday, I was back in the ER with a massive migraine. Once again, I was treated and released on the same day.

I will say I have a history of migraines and have had them since I was 7 years old. For the first two weeks following the concussion, I had a constant headache and couldnt sleep for about 2 weeks. I saw a sports medicine/concussion specialist and he stated this was normal and due to having migraines, I would probably continue to get headaches more often than normal until the swelling goes down. About a week later, I was cleared to return to work. In all, I was out of work for about 2 1/2 weeks.

After returning, my employer required the doctor to fill out the workers comp release papers. On one of the questions, it stated "Will this injury affect the employee from performing his/her duties or will the employee continue to have issues due to this injury?" The doctor answered yes and put migraine headaches on there.

So with all of this said, I was re-imbursed for time missed after 7 days and at 60% of my normal salary. And of course, all my medical bills have been paid by my employer. My main question is, am I to expect another settlement like with my back injury? I know with my back injury, its an injury I jave to live with the rest of my life and lost most mobility in my back. But with my concussion, it was an injury that cleared up with no long term effects(to my knowledge). Granted, I may have migraines, but I normally got them anyways. So, Im just not sure if Im to expect a final settlement or not? And if so, I wouldnt even know what to expect price wise? Thanks to anyone and everyone who may be able to provide some insight on this issue.

RE: Fall and Concussion at work...settlement??? - 1171 - 03-02-2014

it depends on whether the impairment will be temporary or permanent and if it will affect your future earnings.
discuss the long term affects with your doctor. you will need medical documentation of permanent impairment before there is a decision on additional disability payments; it will take more detailed medical documentation then just the answer to a question on a form.