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michigan light duty - daczs100 - 02-09-2014

Ok my question is i was injured at work a elbow injury , i am still waiting on my second opinion appoint which isn't until March 21st . I was injured June of 2013 and other then physical therapy which didn't help . I have not been treated for my injury. I have a doctors note that says one handed work only with NO use of my left arm. I received a letter from my job saying light duty work had come available. Now I dont' mind going to work but my issue is they have my on 3 different shifts in one week. 11pm to 7 am 7pm to 3 am and 11 am to 7pm . and they are not giving me exactly what I will be doing only they would give me more details when i show up. . are these hours ok and how can they do that ?

RE: michigan light duty - dusty boy - 02-09-2014

You will have to work if work is available
The trick to get you to quit is to make it as hard as possible
Take the light duty, but only do what you're restrictions say to do. If the job exceeds your restrictions, let your manager know.

RE: michigan light duty - Manley2 - 02-09-2014

If they have work available within your restrictions and you don't do it they don't have to pay you while your off. Now as dusty said make sure you don't do anything past your restrictions. They can also try to get you to do things your not suppose to and then use this to show you don't need the restriction. And if you don't need them they will use this to also say you don't need any more treatment. If you are union you can try to use that to get a better hours. But they want you to quit and just give up so it will not cost them any more money

RE: michigan light duty - daczs100 - 02-09-2014

thanks for the replys we figured this is what they are trying to do . Going to call the union tomorrow and aslo call our attorney.. I don't have a problem doing the light duty work and there is no way I can use my arm as its immobile and I have no strength. The hours are what bothers me Since its winter here my wife is having to drive me which means she has to get out all different hours of the night to take me or get me from work. I know for a fact that their is no ONE handed work so will be interesting to see what they expect me to do. been off for 7 months with them saying they have no one handed work. I will not do anything and really can't do anything that my doctor has told me not to do. Just wish they would approve my surgery so that I can be out of pain. and get this over with. The doctor says there is only a 50/50 chance surgery will even work and with surgery I will only get a percent back of my strength and range in my arm. I just want to be pain free

RE: michigan light duty - Manley2 - 02-09-2014

Understand you wish to be pain free. Sounds like the doctor are being truthful with you and not selling you on this surgery as a fix for your problem.
Were I worked at they had a rehab department and it was were they sent employees that got hurt or had restrictions. We would get pregnant women out there from time to time when the doctor would tell them they could still work but only light duty. There was one lady that had been in that department for 20 years. I was there for over a year and half with nothing to do but try and show up. They wanted to close the department so they started sending us home, took them more then a year after they sent 8 of us home before they got the department closed. We were union but they would still try thing like moving some to other shifts. They would even try to fire us for sleeping on the job but the union never let them get by with that. When you have injured employees sitting with nothing to do and taking narcotic its hard to stay awake

RE: michigan light duty - 1171 - 02-09-2014

with that bleak of a prognosis you should begin looking into vocational rehabilitation benefits.,4682,7-191-26929---,00.html

RE: michigan light duty - daczs100 - 02-10-2014

I did my first day of work , most of the things they have listed for me to do I can not do and let my supervisor know that I couldn't do them so I basically sat all night filling out a few papers and answering the phone.. By the time I got home my hand and arm was so swollen and sore even though I did not use it. Now waiting on my attorney to call back and not sure If I should call my doctor.. which is also the doctor they sent me to from the beginning. he is not a workmans comp doctor and wants me to have surgery but been waiting 4 months now for a second opinion.

RE: michigan light duty - 1171 - 02-10-2014

yes, contact your doctor if you need the restrictions modified.

RE: michigan light duty - bronco54501 - 02-10-2014

Its good to notify your attorney as well, but only your dr can help get your restrictions taken care of. When you say your bad arm is immobile, is it in a harness or you just dont move it.. If you put it in a sling/harness it will be better so you dont even try to use it, and it will make them see you cant use it......Just a thought..

RE: michigan light duty - daczs100 - 02-10-2014

its in a sling with a brace. I couldn't use it if I wanted too.. I have lost 40% of my range and I only have 8 lb strength in that arm. I guess I should of stated the injury to my elbow they first thought was tennis elbow the doctor sent me to physical therapy the therapist is actually the one who figured out that the elbow wasn't just tennis elbow and called the doctor.. He did another test to find that the radial head is coming in and out of place . I have 3 torn ligaments one is basically torn all the way... and one torn muscle.. along with the radial head coming in and out of place. it pops so loud and about knocks me off my feet.. I was injured June 18th 2013 and the only thing that has been done is physical therapy. My wife just got me approved for a tens device to help with pain while i wait to be treated. the doctor I go to is great.. because there are not many elbow specialist the workmans comp people sent me to him.. he does't work for them. when he suggested surgery to fix the issue and at least get me out of pain.. but as for range and strength its a 50% 50% change I will gain all of it back.. and I will probably never be able to do repetitve work again with that arm. I am suppose to go last month to the second opinion it was canceled due to snow by the workmans comp person.. and rescheduled for March 21st.. So I am at a sit and wait. and now all of a sudden after all this time my work has light duty .. and as i said before i don't mind working light duty just think the hours suck they put me on. I have worked for this company about 20 years. they gave me a list of things they wanted me to do while only light duty. 8 things out of those 8 I can only do 3 of them and 2 of those i can only do if i am trained and allowed access to the computer.. which they didn't even do anything last night. just had me check to make sure people had their hair nets on and answer phones. 4 phone calls in 8 hours lol