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Shoulder surgery - Pythonbunny - 02-07-2014

Well after hurting myself 9/9/13 I finally had surgery today. After my dr put in for surgery beginning of November it was denied due to MRI results. Went to ime and that dr wanted a MRI anthrogram. Result was torn labrum. Surgery was finally approved on 12/23/13 and after waiting 6 weeks it was finally done. Repair to labrum was successful dr said and should be a 3 month recovery. The ime put a rating of 75% temp disability back in November but now I would think it will go back to 100% due to this surgery. Am I correct in thinking this? I do have a lawyer and have been out of work since time of injury due to fact that we don't have light duty. Anything else you need to know please ask me.

RE: Shoulder surgery - 1171 - 02-07-2014

if there is no modified work available and you cannot do your regular job, then you are entitled to full disability.

RE: Shoulder surgery - Pythonbunny - 03-11-2014

I had the surgery 2/6 was torn labrum and a lot of swelling. After being in brace for 5 weeks starting PT this week. Forearm pain from being in brace and shoulder pain is unbearable. Can't sleep, can't sit or anything. Constant pain now. Dr wants me to see his partner who is a pain managing dr. I've been on percocets since surgery. I'm miserable! How long will I be rated at 75% cause I don't think I'll be back in 2 more months.

RE: Shoulder surgery - 1171 - 03-12-2014

it's up to the doctor to determine if and when your disability status changes.
discuss your disability from work with the pain management doctor.

RE: Shoulder surgery - Pythonbunny - 04-24-2014

Update. Still out of work. Getting 2/3 pay full temporary disability. PT thinks I have frozen shoulder. Not sleeping more than 4 hr a night. I am miserable. I'll find out tomorrow if dr will do a manipulation or not. I just need to get back to work. My employer needs me to be signed off for all duties, we don't have light duty. I lift 50 pounds regularly. Still can't raise arm above head height. This has been a very long road. Hope it comes to a end soon!!!

RE: Shoulder surgery - Pythonbunny - 04-29-2014

So Friday saw my dr. He wants to do a manipulation under anethesia due to the fact I've got frozen shoulder. They put in for a request. During which I get in the mail the day befor seeing my dr a ime appointment for the 12th. I'm guessing that they are trying I get the court order lowered from 100% to 75% pay. What is gonna happen now. I was hoping it was going to go quick but the appointment for ime is with the first idiot dr who denied my shoulder surgery and wanted more tests. After second mri last time surgery was approved. But it took 3 months to do this. I really hope I don't need to weight that long this time. I gotta get back yo work. Still can't raise my arm above my head it's like stuck won't budge. Work has no light duty so I've been just waiting and don't PT. What's next?

RE: Shoulder surgery - 1171 - 04-30-2014

depends on what the IME reports.

RE: Shoulder surgery - Pythonbunny - 07-17-2014

(04-30-2014, 12:36 AM)1171 Wrote: depends on what the IME reports.

Update- still out of work,had MRI again shows I still have frozen shoulder and there is a piece of the anchor loose and rubbing on my bicep tendon. I have less than 2 months remaining on my protected job. Now I need to wait for approval to get another arthroscopy to remove scar tissue and the piece of anchor that's broke. I don't know if I will make it back to work full duty in time of my 1 year of injury. What happens next. I asked my employer and they don't have light duty and said to call my lawyer and ask. I need a real answer on this. I'm scared to death to lose my job over such a dumb injury that has taken over my life when all I want to do is work.

RE: Shoulder surgery - Manley2 - 07-17-2014

Once injured a persons life can be turned upside down. Many times our employers don't help out even if we are trying our best to get better. I will put you in my prayers and hope you can make a full recovery and get back to work.

RE: Shoulder surgery - 1171 - 07-17-2014

each state has different benefits, procedures, & rules for comp what's yours?
what protects your job? union contract?