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North Dakota PPI Rating - dljeff - 01-27-2014

Hey All...

I was injured in 12/2011 with a subsequent Rotator cuff tear. I just now completed therapy and I have reached what the Dr. states, MMI. He has rated my shoulder disability / injury at 25 - 30%. He has also sent his prognosis to WSI noting his findings and future possible medical procedures. I requested from WSI, that a case be opened to determine my PPI rating.

I can barely tie my shoes, brush my teeth, comb my hair, as well as hold my grand daughter(s) without sitting down. In november, I was finally able to hold my "newest grand daughter after she was 17 months old. I have held her a total of three times. Almost all of of the activities I USED to enjoy, ATVing, Snowmobiling, Bowling, Fishing... you get the picture... can no longer be done.

My job is sedentary but I can no longer lift anything above my waist or over my head. Including my arm to put a shirt on. I have had to get quite creative to get basic things done.

I have had to go through 4 surgeries to get to this point. The initial surgery went bad due to an infection from a Flora on my skin. the story gets longer and more pathetic really... My last surgery was on 7/3/2013. WSI has paid TTD benefits as well as covered my medical.

My question is... with a 25 - 30% disability with my shoulder, I am wondering what the timeline would be to obtain a PPI benefit based on the ND statutes?

Thanks for listening!!

Hope to hear from someone soon... Smile

All the best,

RE: North Dakota PPI Rating - jayne - 01-27-2014

Geez I hate to burst your bubble. WC doesnt care if you can hold your grandbabies or get dressed or brush your teeth all they care about is can you do your job or can you do a made up job they find for you until they settle with you.Your best bet is to get a lawyer to explain all this to you. your first visit is normally free and dont sign them to rep you till you are comfortable with them. Good luck

RE: North Dakota PPI Rating - 1171 - 01-27-2014

the time frame would depend on whether the carrier/employer is willing to accept the rating or wishes to dispute it.
there is no time limit to litigation and dispute resolution.
if they are willing to accept the rating and workloads are not too bad the process may take only 2 or 3 months.
every situation is different and there is no fixed timeline.

RE: North Dakota PPI Rating - dljeff - 01-28-2014

1171 Thank you for your insight. I do appreciate it.

Have a great day!