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Surgery - Pythonbunny - 12-10-2013

Was injured at work 9-9-13 hurt shoulder. Got MRI showed partial tear and bursitis. Dr wants to do arthroscopy to fix issue. Comp sends me to ime and that dr denies surgery asks for more tests. Now need to get arthrogram before they will approve surgery. I've done cortisone shot no help, did 6 weeks of PT no help. How long does this usually take just to get fixed. I've been out of work for 3 months, I am getting paid from workers comp. I am in NY if this helps.

RE: Surgery - 1171 - 12-10-2013

there is no time limit.
medical procedures have no guarentees on outcome.
too many patient variables to predict result of surgery.
medical disputes can be resolved by comp court.
there is no time frame as to how litigation will proceed and what the outcome will be.

RE: Surgery - Pythonbunny - 12-10-2013

Can I use my own insurance and get the surgery without losing my workers comp benifits?

RE: Surgery - Manley2 - 12-11-2013

I know you want to be fixed but don't just believe everything a doctor tells you about out come of a surgery. And I'm not saying a doctor would lye to you but they might not tell you everything. Some come out of surgery worse off then before they had it and for different reasons. Some times its just a best guess as to will this surgery help you or not and things can happen that is beyond their control. What I'm wanting to make sure you understand is do your homework and then decide before just letting a doctor cut on you. Sometimes we have to fight for the treatment we need to get better. And doctors can fix a lot of things but sometimes even with the best working on it we still don't fully recover

RE: Surgery - 1171 - 12-11-2013

it's rare but possible.
generally your health care will pick up treatment when the comp injury is denied.
most are not so willing when it's just a dispute about what is the best treatment for an accepted injury.
your health carrier is the best one's to answer that question.

RE: Surgery - Jammarson02 - 12-14-2013

My answer is DON'T do it, it will mess up your comp case. If you do it on your own your case worker is going to tell you that it was not approved and since you did it on your own that you have changed the condition of the injury and stop wc payments. You can fight this but it will take over 1-2 years !

I'm in ny as well and know someone who ( also in ny ) this happened to.