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Old man on the mountain - jayne - 11-30-2013

We have been trying to help out a old man who lives on the mountain here near us. He had/has colon cancer and wants to die on his mountain.
Problem adult protection wants to move him into a nursing home. he refuses.He is very weak and cant move more than a couple of steps without help he needs a bath badly is it okay/right if I ask to help him take a bath? He is in his late 70s but he is right in his mind,I gave Daddy his showers the last 6 months of his life but I was his daughter I dont know maurice much at all just to talk to mostly we have been going up to help take care of his animals and make sure his water was on.
This man lives totally off the grid and his cell phone doesnt always work. He has to charge it in his jeep and cant always make it to his jeep. I dont mind helping him out and Bill goes most of the time because a trip to his mountain retreat is hell on earth for me you have to have a 4 wheel drive to get there and its rough even then. the next day or so is a massive head and back ache that nothing helps. But Bill isnt going to give him a shower he said he doesnt feel right even bring up the subject..... what do you all think.

RE: Old man on the mountain - dusty boy - 11-30-2013

I gave my dad showers as he became less healthy.
Just have the man was his own private parts.
Make sure to have a chair in the shower for him to sit in, That makes it a lot easier.

Usually after I showered him, I would have him sit on the toilet, and shave him. Once he even got me to cut his hair, although it didn't turn out very well, he was happy.
I would go Wednesday evenings, and Saturday evenings.

I really think he felt funny at first, being his son and all, But after a few times, he was pleased.

If you and Bill decide to do this, make sure any family of his understands your just being neighborly, And get permission. People are funny about their relatives, especially if they are not properly caring for them

Also be very careful to not hurt him, or yourselves. I did this for my father before I was injured. I don't know that I would be capable enough to do it now

RE: Old man on the mountain - Bummer Knees - 11-30-2013

Jayne I understand you want to do this but what will it do to you physically.

You mention the rough roads and the we both know how that effects cervical and lumbar injuries.

And the risk of injury to yourself.

Is home health available to help with the gentleman?

RE: Old man on the mountain - jayne - 11-30-2013

No Kathy they want him in a nursing home. And we know one of his sons Monte and his very pregnant wife They live in Co. And cannot take care of him we spoke to him before we started the other son I dont know him at all.
Up on the mountain is a very pretty and peaceful place I really love it he has spent years making it a nice place not his cabin but the area around it and he knows so much about healing herbs that I could really learn. He has leveled out small gardens all over a 2 acre part of his 100 acres.He has solar panels and butane and a very deep well.I would buy it if he sells just because we might all need a hiding place if gas and groceries keep going up.

RE: Old man on the mountain - Bummer Knees - 11-30-2013

I understand you wanting to do this, I just worry about you!

It sounds as if then man is a very knowledgable person with lots of wisdom to share.

RE: Old man on the mountain - jayne - 12-01-2013

Yes it is very painful to go up the mountain but Kathy if you could see up there its almost a Disneyland for those of us that arent social butterflys. His bathtub is a deep one and made from landscaping timbers....he has little areas of gardens for herbs and everytime I go up I see something else. We are looking into ways to make it easier for me with a more comfortable ride. But I dont go often.

RE: Old man on the mountain - jayne - 12-13-2013

Poor maurice has had a rough last much ice we couldnt even try to go up his mountian road with ice and snow. Bill got a call at work his clostomy(sp)bag had fallen off in bed and it was a mess up there. Bill couldnt get anyone to come take his shift so he called our pastor and Phil took off to the mountain, so many trees down couldnt take his jeep up the mountain..he had to walk the last mile and clean up that mess. Bill and Daniel went the next day with a chain saw to try and clear his road.You all pray for him

RE: Old man on the mountain - Bummer Knees - 12-13-2013

I will continue to pray for him..
I am so glad you posted about him as I have been thinking about him.

RE: Old man on the mountain - Bummer Knees - 12-13-2013

(12-13-2013, 07:33 PM)Bummer Knees Wrote: I will continue to pray for him..

I am so glad you posted about him as I have been thinking about him.

RE: Old man on the mountain - jayne - 12-14-2013

Thank you Bummer,we dont know what to do for him.He isnt eating much a spoon full of fruit or soup.I made stew and Bill and Daniel took it to him this morning.He is so weak I just dont know how he is hanging on.The good thing is our church has taken on helping us and going to visit with him. It helps a whole lot.