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Workers comp wait - Trucker496505 - 11-16-2013

I live in Louisiana. I was working for a trucking company based in Louisiana. I worked out of a Texas terminal. My job was hauling drilling mud to/from rigs and giving them service on location. On this particular day as I was pulling a load into my tank, something happened where they lost control of the well and gas was going everywhere. I took off running away from it as it exploded and burst into flames. I fell 4 times scrambling to get away as the heat was very intense. I came home thinking I was just sore and I would be able to return to work. As a few days passed, I was stiff as a bored and my back hurt very bad. I consulted an attorney to see what my options were. He sent me to his chiropractor right away at his cost to get an opinion on the issue. He said I had severe muscle spasms in my upper back and I would need further medical attention to find out the cause. He took me out of work for a month right away. At that time, I signed up with the attorney and he has been trying to get my workers comp going(louisiana). He had to file a form 1008 because my company don't want to pay. Since then, I just received an interrogatory from my company's attorney to fill out and return within 15 days. Oh yea I had an MRI done and will get results on the 25th. Date of accident was 8-28-13 I'm wondering if my benefits should start soon or should I expect to continue to struggle to live?

RE: Workers comp wait - 1171 - 11-16-2013

nothing happens fast in litigation.
you'll probably have to go to court to get anything going.

RE: Workers comp wait - Manley2 - 11-16-2013

Why was your first call to a lawyer? If the company would have taken care of this without one you might get treatment faster and not cost you his fees in the end