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returning to work - dsj9540 - 10-27-2013

I received a letter from my employer asking me to apply for for another position. I am on work comp have been since April and now after disco gram doctors say I need surgery. Why after 6 months are they asking me to apply for a different position? Do I need to apply? Help, what do I do? Getting L4 L5 fusion done. Injured in Iowa

RE: returning to work - 1171 - 10-27-2013

one can only guess at another's motivations.....

with you back at work disability will stop.
also many states encourage employers to take injured employees back to work as soon as possible to minimize the financial hardship from most serious injuries.
if they have work within your restrictions, disability will stop whether you accept the offer or not.
talk to your doctor.

RE: returning to work - Manley2 - 10-27-2013

If this is with your employer why do you have to apply for a position? Can they just not put you in that job or are they wanting you to apply for a lower paying job? Could it be they want you to take a lower paying job in hopes of saving themselves some money? Just thinking here so I don't know. Most of the time if they place you in a lower paying job then they have to pay you the difference in WC but not sure if that could be why they are asking you to apply

RE: returning to work - bronco54501 - 10-28-2013

Your employer might be making room for you so you can work within restrictions. Might not be a bad idea if its with in restrictions, with it being this long not working your job is not secure any more, they don't have to create a job for you. If I'm not mistaken, if your restrictions don't allow you to make what you were making at time of injury wc pays up to a certain %. Thus this would end your disability payments, it would not end the medical.

There could be a number of reasons why your employer is doing this, it could be they like you or it could be they are hoping you refuse. If you have a attorney, inform him/her of this situation before you procede.