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House smells mmmmmmmmmmmm - jayne - 10-22-2013

I have found a new way to make apple butter. In a electric roaster! it takes a long time to get it but there is no standing and stirring so it wont burn.I let it simmer all night and put it in pint jars this morning 12 pints of mmmmmmmm mmmmmm good. Got biskits in the oven now waiting for the timer to go off and going to spread it on thick.

RE: House smells mmmmmmmmmmmm - bronco54501 - 10-22-2013

Sounds delicious......

RE: House smells mmmmmmmmmmmm - Bummer Knees - 10-22-2013

I love apple butter although never have had homemade.

My cuz got me hooked on fried peanut butter and apple butter sandwiches fixed just like a grilled cheese with butter (I use olive Oil spread) on the outside of the bread to fry.

Taste just like a baked apple pie with protein, (peanut butter)

RE: House smells mmmmmmmmmmmm - jayne - 10-23-2013

Bummer if you have a crock pot you can make apple butter. Buy a big can of apple sause at Sams club and start from there if you dont want to start from scratch. Mix it up at night go to bed and wake up to finished product.Water bath them and done

RE: House smells mmmmmmmmmmmm - Bummer Knees - 10-23-2013

What are the ingredients you use to make yours?

RE: House smells mmmmmmmmmmmm - jayne - 10-24-2013

I mixed apples and pears just because I got two big bags of pears and didnt want to waste them. But you can get a huge can of applesauce from Sams or costco. Open and put the sauce in your crock pot with spices you like mostly people like a cinnamon stick ( I use pumpkin pie spice just cuz I love that mix) and 2 cups(less if your apples are sweet enough) dark brown sugar. bring it all up to hot in your crockpot then put it on warm/simmer and put a top on it but leave a space for evaporation this is how you get apple butter it has to be thick.Leave it on all night if you get up in the middle of the night stir it or cook all day if you are afraid to leave the pot on all night. when its thick and dark put in pint jars and boil in water bath for 15 min.

RE: House smells mmmmmmmmmmmm - Bummer Knees - 10-24-2013

Thanks Jayne I will try this and will share with Todd's wife who loves to can.